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2010 PRSA Excalibur Awards: Help Desk


Q. I'm confused about which category to enter. There seem to be several into which mine might fit. Can you help?

Sometimes there indeed are two or more different categories into which an entry might fit. For example, many entries that fit in Special Events could also fit in another category. The rules, however, require that you select a single category in which to enter.

And while our judges can disqualify any entry that does not fit in the category, this is a rare action and taken only when an entrant has blatantly disregarded the category description.
In selecting your category, examine your strategic plan. What was the audience? What were the objectives?

These are questions you are required to answer in the two-page summary that is the central item of the entry. The answers to these questions should help guide you in selecting the right category fit, after you've carefully read the descriptions.

As long as you utilize such a reasoned approach to selecting your category, it's highly unlikely that our judging teams would make a determination that you had broken the rules and disqualify your entry.

Q. Can you tell me how many entries fall in the
different categories?

No. We do not reveal the number of entries in any category or subcategory. Select the single category you feel best fits the entry without trying to guess what the competition in a particular one might be. Besides, the number of entries in each category varies from year to year, so any attempt to guess is probably fruitless anyway.

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