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Ammerman Lectures on Crisis Communications at MIT

Earlier this month, The Ammerman Experience was given the honor of conducting a two-day crisis communications workshop for MBA students in the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  

On day one, MIT students were introduced to some fundamental concepts of crisis management, and then worked in groups to analyze a fictitious crisis and develop an appropriate communications strategy for it. The briefings were recorded and critiqued – giving the students a chance to get some feedback on their crisis communication skills.

On day two, Ammerman Senior Counselor Ken Haseley joined a panel, comprising Tom Fiedler, Dean of the College of Communication at Boston University, Peter Galbraith, former U.S. Ambassador to Croatia, and Duncan Boothby, Strategic Communications Advisor to Lt. General William Caldwell, U.S. Army. The panel discussed the role of today’s news media, and changes within it, and offered ideas on how business leaders can interact with the media.

For 35 years, The Ammerman Experience has trained thousands of people to face the media, manage a crisis, speak at public meetings and deliver memorable, effective analyst, sales and other business presentations. For more information, visit

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