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Aug 1 Luncheon: Auto Industry Under Fire

Auto Industry Under Fire: How General Motors Responds to Fuel Economy Crisis

In June, the Senate engaged in a heated debate before passing an energy bill that includes an increase in automobile fuel economy, new laws against energy price-gouging and a requirement for huge increases in the production of ethanol. If the bill becomes law, automobile manufacturers will be required to increase average fuel economy by 40 percent to 35 miles per gallon for cars, SUVs and pickup trucks by 2020.

It would be the first increase in vehicle fuel efficiency since the current 22.7 mpg for cars was put in place in 1989 and the first time Congress has imposed a new auto efficiency mandate in 32 years.

General Motors has listened to the public outcry and is responding.

Craig Eppling is the public relations manager for General Motors responsible for media relations and PR strategy to improve opinion and consideration of General Motors, its policies and its products in an eight-state geographical area that includes Texas. Craig will be sharing General Motors public relations strategy on how the company has responded to the energy crisis and public demand for car companies to have an environmental conscious.

A native of New Orleans, Craig has been associated with the automotive industry his entire life. As a teenager, he worked in service and sales at a Chevrolet dealership his father managed. Upon receiving his bachelor''s degree in business from Louisiana State University, Craig returned to the dealership and later was hired by General Motors as a customer service representative.

During his 23-year tenure with GM, Craig has held several customer and service-related positions with GM''s Vehicle, Sales, Services & Marketing division, each expanding his product knowledge and understanding of the complex and highly competitive auto industry.

Craig entered the field of automotive communications as a staff assistant in charge of press materials at GM''s corporate offices in Detroit.
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