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Houston Zoo Launches Interactive Blog

The Houston Zoo has launched its first interactive Blog, showcasing the planning and impending birth of its new baby elephant.  The blog is the first phase in a complete website redevelopment.  Visit the Houston Zoo Blog blog here:

Continuing the zoo’s mission, to provide fun, unique and inspirational experiences which foster appreciation, knowledge and care for the natural world, the blog delivers a newly enhanced learning environment which can be brought into classrooms and homes on-demand.
Children can join in the fun by counting down the days until delivery as they learn and discuss new facts about the mother’s current and expected condition; help with the selection of baby elephant’s name; and watch weekly videos of Shanti’s daily life up and until the birth.  Stay tuned for future video updates.

This newly created blog provides an opportunity for children, students, teachers and families to enjoy an up-close and highly personal experience, which they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do.   Interactive education certainly helps the zoo expand its current audience base and foster an appreciation for the natural world.

The interactive blog was created in partnership with Schipul, the Web Marketing Company.

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