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Jan. 10 Luncheon: How CSR and Diversity Impact the Bottom Line

Join PRSA Houston on Wednesday, Jan. 10, to hear from Amy Mifflin, manager of Corporate Social Responsbility, on how Marathon Oil and others are meeting the challenge of CSR and diversity -- and how doing good is good business.
"The greatest challenges of our time — climate change, poverty alleviation, ensuring respect for human rights, and the creation of open and inclusive societies — can best be met when business plays its role. Left unaddressed, these challenges will make ''business as usual'' hard to sustain. This is why companies large and small in all parts of the world have come to recognize that their commitment to CSR is a defining measure of their success."
-- Aron Cramer,
C.E.O. of Business for Social Responsibility
No longer is it sufficient for companies to obey the laws, pay taxes, be profitable and create employment. Citizens around the world want companies to contribute to broader societal goals as well. The 1999 Millennium Poll of over 25,000 average citizens across 23 countries in 6 continents showed that two out of three citizens felt this way.
In addition, for many companies, how they are rated by external rating agencies - indexes such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, The Ethibel Investment Register and the FTSE4good in the UK - has a major impact on share market analysts’ perceptions, investor confidence and ultimately on their share price.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the business world’s response to these concerns. CSR is achieving commercial success in ways that honor people, communities, the environment and ethical values. The notion of who is a legitimate stakeholder in a business is broadening to encompass investors, employees, customes, partners, suppliers, regulators, neighbors, consumer groups, social institutions and communities.
Productive diversity is an important component of CSR. It’s a key strategy in developing business competitiveness through the access it gives to talent, creativity, productivity, awareness of market opportunities and capacity for flexibility and innovation. You’ve head that “ideas are the currency of the future.” To be a successful ideas company, diversity is not just important – it is obligatory.
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