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Media Mix-ology: Start With Science And Add a Splash of Intuition

Determining the right media mix for your campaigns requires a blend of several elements—part research, part execution, part measurement and part recalibration. And like bartending, it’s not all science in making the perfect concoction—experience counts. Many PR pros might feel that bartending might be easier than attaining a perfect media mix. It’s a complex process, says Ed Davis, director of media and public relations at United Way of Greater Houston. 

“When you talk of media mix, people may think it has something to do with advertising,” says Davis. “But it’s much like a brand building exercise, and it’s daunting for everyday communicators without the resources for marketing mix modeling.” Indeed, there are vendors out there that offer services that track, monitor, measure and analyze media coverage for an organization, which can help immensely—yet those services come at a price. There is a process, however, that every communicator can follow that will help get the right media blend without breaking the bank.
Determining the right mediamix for your campaignsrequires a blend of severalelements—part research, partexecution, part measurementand part recalibration. And likebartending, it’s not all sciencein making the perfect concoc-tion—experience counts.Many PR pros might feelthat bartending might be easierthan attaining a perfect mediamix. It’s a complex process, saysEd Davis, director of media andpublic relations at
United Way of Greater Houston
. “Whenyou talk of media mix, peoplemay think it has somethingto do with advertising,” saysDavis. “But it’s much like abrand building exercise, and
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