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Memo to PRSA Members From Your 2009 Assembly Delegates

On Saturday, Nov. 7, the five of us will join our colleagues from across the nation in San Diego to discuss (possibly even cuss) and deliberate a bylaw revision that would change not only PRSA’s governance but also its membership requirements. Please understand that this is MAJOR change, not just a few bylaw amendments, but rather what might be described as a new PRSA that some of you may not like.

We are participating in conference phone calls and online chats that are allowing us to hear rationales for the changes, opinions for and against, and suggestions for alternatives. And, we will do our best to make wise decisions when we are in San Diego.

However, we believe our decisions will be much wiser if we hear from you. Our chapter leadership agrees. So we’re asking you to take a little time to look at the proposed amendments, consider their impact on the society and let us know what you think.

You’ll find everything you need to look at by going to and logging on to Membernet. Under “About Us,” click on “Bylaws.” You’ll find the background research used to produce the proposed bylaw revision and several versions of the proposed new articles and sections with comparisons to the current ones.

You can talk to any one of us or all of us or any one of our elected chapter leaders. Our e-mail addresses are below and you can find those of our leadership at . You may also send your thoughts and comments to

Please send your comments no later than Nov. 4.


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