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Plan now to be at the most important gathering of Public Relations professionals in 2004!

Make your reservations now to attend PRSA''s 2004 International Conference to be held October 23-26 in New York -- Architects for Change, Advocates for Understanding: Advancing the Public Relations Profession.

This is the largest ever PRSA International Conference, with more than 150 professional development opportunities, conducted by agency, corporate, nonprofit and government public relations leaders, grouped in three new tracks:

  • Issues Facing the Profession
  • Managing & Measuring
  • Strategies, Tactics and Specialties

The 2004 PRSA International Conference in New York City is an absolute must-attend for public relations and communication professionals. We are the architects of change, helping the organizations we work for listen to and respond to the world around us as it evolves and shifts. And we must be advocates of understanding, interpreting our organizations to stakeholders with diverse and disparate concerns and needs. As the world changes, our profession changes along with it. We demonstrate the ultimate value of our profession to a world that needs our insights, our expertise and our commitment as never before.

To find out more, view this powerpoint presentation and visit the national Web site.

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