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PRSA Houston Announces Diversity Committee Chair and Members – Seeking Additional Volunteers

PRSA Houston members and friends are invited to join the PRSA Houston Diversity Committee to help the Chapter incorporate diversity into all that we do, including programming, membership recruitment and community outreach. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, ethnicity, gender, industries, level of experience and geographic locations.

Kelly Papinchak is chairing the committee. Committee members include Frank Agraz, Mabel Menefee, Angela Young, Paula Ruth, APR, and Virginia Sanchez, APR.

Diversity committee representatives were present on a call with the PRSA National Diversity Committee on April 14 to learn about PRSA''s 2005 Diversity Plan and some of the initiatives that are currently underway, as well as learn of diversity best practices from other PRSA chapters.

PRSA Houston’s Diversity Committee will support the mission of the PRSA National Diversity Committee which is: To advance the objectives of and develop an inclusive Society by reaching and involving members who represent a broad spectrum of ethnic, racial and sexual-orientation groups, and by providing professional development, knowledge and support to professionals of diverse race, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity to help them succeed in public relations. For more information, visit

Please contact Kelly Papinchak at or 281-497-6567 Ext. 508 if you are interested in joining this committee.

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