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PRSA members author article on future of PR agencies

PRSA members Petri Darby, APR, and Dan Keeney, APR, coauthored the article, "Technology tears down barriers to create new, ''virtual'' PR firms," which was published in the April 2, 2007 edition of the Houston Business Journal.
The article describes how new technologies that have empowered individual and independent PR practitioners are changing the competitive landscape for public relations agencies. Darby is the president of darbyDarnit! and Keeney is the president of DPK Public Relations.
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Keep reading for an excerpt:
Fueled by technologies that enable collaboration and remove geographic barriers, Houston has witnessed the emergence of a sophisticated network of independent public relations firms. Together, these professionals represent the largest collection of PR talent in Houston -- larger than even the biggest agency in Texas -- and they are challenging the region''s midsize to large agencies for the lucrative client work doled out by major companies.
Is it a threat to traditional agencies? Not for those willing to change, incorporating greater flexibility in all aspects of their business. Others who insist on business as usual and ignore the growing power and value of the individual risk becoming obsolete.
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