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PRSA Opens RFP for AV Suppliers

PRSA Houston is seeking proposals from individuals or firms interested in being considered to provide audio visual services. PRSA Houston may enter into a contractual relationship with the selected individual or firm.


RFP Announcement-Aug. 3, 2006

Proposal Submission-Deadline 5 p.m.-Sept. 5, 2006

Search Committee Review -Sept. 14, 2006

Presentation by Short-listed Individuals/Firms to the PRSA Houston search Committee-Sept. 21, 2006

Committee Recommendation to Board-Oct. 4, 2006

Effective Date of Executed Contract-Jan. 1, 2007



With more than 450 members, PRSA Houston is one of the nation''s largest and most active chapters of the Public Relations Society of America. PRSA Houston was organized under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code in 1950 and is exempt from federal income tax. PRSA Houston focuses on helping members become more valuable to their organizations and clients, and therefore become more successful professionally, by

* Providing peer-based support;

* Encouraging professional growth through participation in educational programs and leadership roles; and

* Promoting the highest standards of professional competence and ethics.

The PRSA Houston Web site contains valuable information of interest to proposers at, such as benefits of membership, Chapter by-laws, recent newsletters and descriptions of upcoming events and sponsor opportunities. PRSA Houston''s fiscal year is January 1 to December 31.

Currently, audio-visual functions for PRSA Houston are handled on a case by case basis.  Often members have provided equipment needed for monthly meetings or independent contractors have donated their services under a sponsorship arrangement. Under the contract that PRSA Houston has with the Courtyard on St. James, the Courtyard provides microphone and a screen for each meeting.  PRSA Houston does not own any AV equipment. 

PRSA Houston has recruited sponsorships for its Programs.  Any funds for AV would come from the 2007 budget. Therefore, the need for AV must be balanced with the need to obtain outstanding speakers, mail post card announcements to the membership, speaker gifts and any other program costs.

The PRSA Houston Board of Directors is open to other budget assumptions; it is the intent of the board to operate within a balanced budget for the coming fiscal year. Most revenues to PRSA Houston are derived from the Chapter''s two signature events – the PRSA Houston Excalibur Awards and PR Day – as well as from membership dues proceeds.  However, the AV requirements of these two events, as well as other professional development events, are beyond the scope of this proposal as the planners of these events must move forward with the arrangements for 2006.


Individuals and firms responding to this announcement shall submit their proposal in electronic format to PRSA Houston’s chapter administrator at prior to 5:00 p.m. on Sept. 5, 2006. All proposals should be submitted in either Microsoft Office software (Word or PowerPoint) or as a PDF. Submitted proposals should not exceed 10 printed pages in length in their entirety, all appendices and other reference material included. The e-mail message containing the proposal file shall not contain any information not included in the attached file. The subject line should read: PRSA Houston Proposal for Audio-Visual Services.

Proposals shall contain the following:

* Complete proposer description.

* Contact information.

* Description of audio visual background and equipment, and/or other relevant background information, special skills and accomplishments sufficient to determine qualifications, expertise and appropriateness for the desired work product.

* Estimate of fees and expenses to perform the Scope of Work in 2006  (see following page for Scope of Work) with an option to extend the contract into 2007.  Contact information for three professional references.

The proposal should include enough detail concerning the ability of the individual or firm to perform the Scope of Work for the PRSA Houston Board of Directors to be able to short list individuals and firms in order to invite the top ranked for presentations/interviews.

Scope of Contracted Work (includes, but is not limited, to):

PRSA Houston anticipates a contract term of either 4, 14 or 24 months as a result of contract negotiations with the successful proposer. Your time and interest in PRSA Houston are appreciated.

PRSA Houston will identify the needs of its speakers and relay them to the audio-visual contractor.  While PRSA Houston endeavors to determine these needs two weeks in advance, at times speakers have added equipment with only a day or two notice. 

Equipment typically may include a laptop, PowerPoint data projector, often with embedded sound.  From time to time, PRSA Houston also has needed monitors and DVD or VHS players.

As an Option, Audio Visual contractor also may submit a proposal for lighting as the Courtyard’s natural lighting, especially on bad weather days, is extremely dark for the speaker’s presentation.

Audio visual contractors must arrive at the Courtyard or other designated location by 11 AM on the day of the luncheon and be prepared to set up equipment and test the equipment with the speaker prior to the arrival of guests at 11:30 AM.  The Audio-Visual contractor must be prepared to stay throughout the luncheon and assist the speaker/chapter leaders with any problems.  Generally, the luncheons are finished by 1:30 p.m., but from time to time extend beyond that.  Naturally, the Audio-Visual contractor should be prepared to stay at the meeting until the audience disperses.

The Audio-Visual contractor may present a bill at the close of the event or mail it to PRSA Houston.

Contracting with PRSA for monthly luncheons or the December networking event does not require PRSA to utilize contractor for other events.

For additional information, please call Paula Ruth, APR, chapter administrator, at 281-870-1717 or email her at .


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