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FW: Learn How to Seamlessly Blend Social Media With Traditional CommunicationsYou're connected on LinkedIn, have built a community around your blog and tweet from your iPhone. Still, it can be difficult to strike a balance between your personal and professional involvement with social media; your traditional media relations and social networking; and your actions as a public relations pro, marketer and customer service rep when engaging online. In "Finding the Perfect Social Media and Communication Blend: How to Break Down Walls and Strike a Balance Between All of Your Online Lives <> ," Heidi Sullivan and Jay Krall will show you how to harmonize your personal and professional lives online; how different types of social media are looking more and more alike; the best practices for sharing content; how public relations, marketing and customer service can operate symbiotically on the social Web; and how to identify future trends. You will learn:
  • Ways to engage in social media by integrating public relations, marketing and customer service.
  • How to create a corporate social media policy and motivate your social media representatives.
  • Best practices for balancing your professional and personal lives online.
  • Tips for identifying online influencers and media outlets.
  • How to measure your results
FREE Webinar, Tuesday, January 19
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Speaker Heidi Sullivan & Jay Kral

Organizer National PRSA

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Tue, Jan. 19, 2010
2 p.m. - 3 p.m.
(GMT-0600) US/Central