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Pitching Boot Camp

Each day, thousands of messages cross the desks of journalists and bloggers.  Do yours make the cut?  In the PRSA seminar, "Pitching Boot Camp: Winning Over Journalists and Bloggers in the New Media Landscape," March 7, at Norris Conference Center, media pitching coach Michael Smart will share hundreds of practical tips to increase coverage.  You'll also learn eight story boosters, four proven formulas to elicit responses from journalists and bloggers, as well as the specific pattern for following up with media contacts--and when not to.

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"As someone who's placed products on the front page of USA TODAY, in The New York Times Style Section and the Los Angeles Times Mag(azine), I admit I was a bit skeptical that Michael's workshop would be advanced enough to help me. But, I gave it a chance, and within the first hour, he had given me two new angles for one of my clients I had never thought of before. He shows you how PR people have done the impossible, and how you can do it, too."

- Sabina Gault, director of corporate communications, Venture IAB, Los Angeles


"I took Michael's workshop because I face the challenge of landing national coverage for what is traditionally a regional event - the Indiana State Fair. After applying his research and pitching techniques, I've had unbelievable results - USA TODAY ran a half-page article with a photo, and The New York Times reporter I pitched came to the fair and her story (w/photo) ran on the FRONT PAGE. The media response was better than any of us could have ever dreamed, and I believe much of it is a result of implementing some of the strategies Michael taught in his seminar. I'm a firm believer in his approaches."

- Andy Klotz, Indiana State Fair

Author: Colleen Seaver
Phone: (212) 460-1408