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Thank you for PR Day 2012!

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Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012
8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
United Way of Greater Houston - 50 Waugh Drive

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Join hundreds of Houston-area public relations professionals for this exciting, one-day conference. PR Day focuses on enhancing your PR career by building your networks, keeping you up to date on industry best practices and sharing the latest tools of the trade.

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Check out the excellent line up of speakers and topics to help you stay ahead of the curve, improve your skill set and network to make valuable connections. Click here for Treats of the Trade schedule.


Keynote Speaker: Originally to be Dave Armon but Hurricane Sandy left him stranded.  Our actual keynoter was Patrick Jankowski, vice president of research for Greater Houston Partnership.  Thank you Pat for the last minute effort!

Evolution of Local News as Millions Abandon Cable TV

Deloitte reported in June that nine million Americans have either pulled out their cable TV or are planning to yank cable.
Local news will be profoundly changed as consumers stop relying primarily on network television affiliates to bring current events into their living rooms. The new paradigm will involve hyper-local news being provided via the web and IPTV. Devices like Apple TV, Roku and game consoles will deliver video reports produced by established and respected local news brands will beyond ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox stations. Newspapers and radio stations are becoming the next American video broadcasters.
This new Connected TV phenomenon is an opportunity for PR and marketing professionals. Dave Armon, president of Critical Mention, will describe how the change is already playing out among major print and broadcast media organizations. Included in his presentation will be concrete steps that newsmakers can take to ensure their stories are being told on these highly social, video-based digital media platforms.

Dave Armon.jpg


The Perfect Storm in Your Company's Crisis Communications Plan

When was the last time your organizations crisis communication plan was tested or revised for current resources, staffing and the demands of a new media environment on constant deadline? On July 26, 2010, Enbridge responded to an oil leak of 20,000 barrels of crude oil near Marshall, Michigan. This incident presented a perfect storm that was impossible to predict.


Terri Larson, APR


Larry Springer, APR


The T.U.R.N.: 4-Steps to Move Leaders from
Complexity to Clarity

Are you wanting more energy, clarity, and focus to maximise your potential? In this session, you will learn a 4-step process to clarify your vision, re-energize yourself, and focus your activities to get the results you want. As a professional speaker, business consultant and coach, Clara will teach you how to harness clarity to make smarter decisions, attract greater resources, and tap your inner creativity for fresh ideas. Discover the value of your inner critic, master stillness during chaos for clearer focus, and learn to trust your intuition for insight.

Clara Chorley


Staying Ahead of the News and Information Curve

Not all news outlets are going down without a fight. Local 24-hour TV news is already in Austin and may migrate to other Texas metro areas.  A group of Texas journalists created a non-profit, non-partisan web-only news service.  Houston broadcast journalists began their own news-only FM radio station.  This panel of journalists will talk frankly about how and why these new efforts came to be and what the future holds. Panelists include: Denise Bishop, News Director, News92FM/KROI, Capella Tucker, Program Director – News, Houston Public Media, Crestina Chavez, Managing Editor, YNN Austin, TX, with Adam Collett moderating.
Bishop, Tucker, Chavez, Collett


Igniting Viral Storytelling--PR for People Who Don’t Want to Do All the Talking

You think you’ve seen it all before, and so does everyone else. As public relations professionals, we’re tasked with the challenge of proving this mindset wrong. There’s no singular magic formula for effective marketing, but there is one common denominator – a great story. In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world, new platforms for communication and interaction pop up daily. Using those tools and opportunities to share our brand perspectives and expertise through broad networks and niche digital coteries, we can build a strong following and create third-party brand ambassadors.


Aimee Woodall

Web 2.0 and the Widening Spectrum of New Communications Choices and Channels

Using examples drawn from his international consultancy’s work with blue chip clients, Enda explores the dynamic visualizing of complex data, tree mapping, corporate applications of social media, augmented reality and teleportation—helping bridge the gap between the reality of today’s engagement challenges and the promise of tomorrow’s technology.
Enda Logan


Best Video Strategies to Move the Needle, Increase Media Coverage and Achieve Business Goals  (This presentation was made by Jovanna David, director and founder D S Simon Productions, Texas Office, again because of the hurricane.

The idea of using video to communicate your message has gone from an additional bonus in a larger campaign to an outright necessity in today’s opt-in culture. This session will provide you with a virtual toolbox of real world examples and insight into ways to bridge the worlds of public relations and marketing to maximize exposure for all of your video endeavors. 

Doug Simon


News at the Speed of Social Media: The Paradigm Shift in Crisis Communications

Traditional crisis management moves at the speed of the news cycle but with social media becoming a primary way people are receiving news your company or organization has to be ready to respond in minutes to any type of crisis.  This session will cover the 10 distinct types of crises that can happen and how your organization can build a communications plan that takes advantage of news at the speed of social media before the next crisis happens.

Kade Dworkin

The Power of Integrating Social and Traditional PR

This important session will teach public relations and social media professionals how to co-exist and the power that can come when these important services are well integrated. Through real client examples, Allie will teach us how to communicate with traditional media sources through online channels, how to get online promotions through to traditional media outlets and best practices for striking when the iron is hot with viral trends.

Allie Herzog Danziger


Transitioning from Journalism to PR

As newsrooms continue to downsize, some journalists are looking at careers in public relations, public affairs or corporate communications.  The transition is not as easy as one might expect.  Join a panel of journalists- turned- PR pros as they share their experiences on making the move and answer questions on how to transfer your skills to the other side.

Panelists include: Bob Allen, former Sports Director of ABC/Channel 13/KTRK, Cyndy Garza-Roberts, Director of Public Affairs-Houston Division for HEB, James Campbell, System Executive of External Affairs for Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Stuart Stanley, Director of Communications at Carthage ISD, with Rose Rougeau, Media Strategist and former News Producer for ABC News as moderator.

Allen, Garza-Roberts, Campbell, Stanley, Rougeau



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