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Public Service Opportunities

To Submit a Public Service Listing:

  1. Click on the submit link at the bottom of this section to complete an on-line public service listing form;
  3. After completing the form, click on the submit button and log off from the site. PLEASE DISREGARD THE REQUEST FOR PAYMENT, THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR LISTING A PUBLIC SERVICE OPPORTUNITY.

(Although it is necessary for you to register in the PRSA Houston database to process a listing, your registration information will not be used for any marketing and promotional purposes and is simply part of our listing process.)

All Public Service positions are reviewed and activated by the Chapter Administrator before posting live on the Web site.

Each Public Service listing will remain posted for 90 days. A posting may be renewed for an additional 90 days by e-mailing the Chapter Administrator at

If there is no indication that a listing is to be renewed, it will be removed at the end of the 90-day period without notice.

Should an organization wish to have its listing deleted to prevent further applicant contacts, or if the volunteer position is filled prior to the expiration of the listing, please notify the PRSA Chapter Administrator by e-mail.

Now, click here to submit your Public Service posting.

Criteria for Public Service Postings

The Houston PRSA Public Service initiative is designed to match the public relations needs of non-profit organizations and the practical interests of members to build their portfolios, acquire new experience, and enhance their professional contacts, in addition to serving their community.

The Public Service position must be in the field of public relations or marketing communications and each posting organization must be a 501C3 designated non-profit.

Non-profit organizations interested in posting volunteer positions must complete an on-line job form (see posting instructions above) that includes a detailed description of duties, qualifications and experience required, as well as contact information for person listing the position.

The listing non-profit organization must accept responsibility for screening applicants, resume requests or submissions, interviews and other aspects involved in the volunteer recruitment process. PRSA does not act as an intermediary in the screening or interviewing process.

Approved Public Service listings are posted free of charge and are maintained on the PRSA Web site for three months. At the end of this 90-day period, an organization may renew its listing by e-mailing the Chapter Administrator at

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